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Millions of writers, artists, poets, intellectuals, were censored in the glorious Marxist USSR because their thoughts, ideas, feelings were a threat to the God of Marx.

Gulag Barashevo story

Feature Film: The Story


The tale of Love surviving the Marxist USSR Gulags. As much as the Soviet state tried to destroy them and what they stood for…the Family, Individuals, Artistic Freedom, they survived, thanks to Faith. Now nothing is going to stop them. Two short films of the film have already been filmed.

USSR Horrors of Gulag Death Camps

GULAG BARASHEVO will be a feature film taking place in the horrors of the U.S.S.R. Gulag camps where millions died. We see mass graves. We witness last prayers before being executed for the act of praying. It is a powerful heartbreaking love story filled with the tragedy of history and an exceptional human Love. The story starts when a Dissident Poet, Vera, is torn from her husband Vlad, and brutally interrogated. Vera resists the Marxist Commissars. She is condemned to the Gulag death camps. We think all is lost because so few had ever escaped the USSR Gulag death camps. But something in Vlad galvanizes and he becomes the Hero of Slavic legends. Vera makes it to Freedom, she is able to escape.


USSR Decadence

The USSR had private jets, prostitutes, orgies, cocaine, vodka — but only for the Marxist oligarch elites. In fact the USSR was more decadent than the Roman Empire. For example, the Communist Party elite oligarchs flew around the country in Yak-40 luxurious private jets, while tens of millions of “Politically Incorrect” intellectuals and dissidents were suffering in the Gulag camps down below them.


1980’s Yak-40 Communist Party oligarch private jet.

yak40vip (2)

Interior of 1980’s Yak-40 Communist Party oligarch private jet.

Tatania character plays the part of the courtesan, the prostitute for the Marxist elites, in scenes which show the utter moral depravity, cocaine use, “high class” prostitution, of the USSR Marxist system. Propaganda commonly portrays Marxist USSR as an almost Amish-like “austere” idyllic utopia. When it was anything but. The corruption and decadence of the USSR is shown in this film. Tatiana wears her Blackmarket Chanel dress and puts her arms around Commissars who give her cocaine and vodka. This film blasts the lid on the PC propaganda of the USSR and shows what it was really like. The Marxist Oligarchs, people say that Soviet propaganda said that there were no super-rich oligarchs, that they just magically appeared in 1991. The fact is Lenin allowed private capitol in 1923 with the NEP (New Economic Policy), and private Enterprises were allowed. These private enterprises were where the Marxist oligarchs hid their money, much as they do today. We show this corruption of the Soviet Union in this film.


Individual Courage

Vera and Vlad show extreme individual courage in combating and eventually overcoming the oppression of the Marxist Gulag. The height of the film has them escape together — despite all odds.



This is a story that has to be told. This is a story that has never been told before.


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GULAG BARASHEVO feature length script issued WGA number. Registration Number: 1737158

Script written and performed in both English and Russian.

The script of Gulag Barashevo is based on extensive research and talking to survivors, as well as first hand experience of the USSR empire in its last days. The script is in English with Russian translation. The film is performed in Russian by Russian speaking actors with English subtitles. The script is built around the available sets able to be produced by the budget of this campaign. This campaign budget is fixed, the set build costs are fixed and the script is specifically written within the guidelines of this campaign budget. So unlike many feature scripts which go of on impossible to produce imaginary tangents and locations, this script is a hard and fast, doable, shooting script. The drama scenes are human scenes based on sets that are within reach of the budget.

The script covers topics which have been heavily censored by mainstream media. The genocide of over fifty million people within the USSR empire who simply disagreed with the politics and ideology of Marxism. While many genocides have been talked about and written about, the Marxist USSR genocide has largely been censored.

Censorship of the vast range and depth of human emotion that is contained within the lives of those who lived during the USSR Gulag era is now broken with this film. Opening the door to one of the most powerful and moving emotional landscapes of human history, the script Gulag Barashevo unleashes a depth of humanity never before seen in cinema.


Research from the accounts of authors such as Alexandr Solzhenitsyn and Irene Ratushinskaya is incorporated in the script. In Gulag Barashevo we follow a main political dissident, Vera, and several others, Olga, Tatiana, Vera, Lara, as well as Vlad, as they survive the ordeals of the worst genocide in human history, the Gulag death camps of the USSR. This is a shootable script as it is written within the budget of one set lot, eight camp barracks, camp towers and fence, partial gulag set cattle car train, Commissar office, adjacent forest logging location.


The script is written from the first word to be able to be produced on a constrained group of sets which can be built on this campaign budget. This is a very real and production-ready script.

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Excerpt from the script:
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 Dramaturgy Evolves

The script, like the visuals, evolved during the course of the film. The formal framing and narrative changes its very structure with the storyline. We can see this evolve in the Concept shorts. B0th the timing, language and framing of the dramatic events alter and distort their contexts as the movie unfolds. Hints of the overall language are shown, exhibited in mild ways early on in the film and shorts. Then they disappear, for a while, but the structure, the alphabet, the language is there to be developed with the viewer as the dramatic plot extends.

The Characters

The Characters changes so much and so radically in her thinking and world perspective that the manner in the way she speaks even changes. Her grammar constructions, her isms, change, the script changes. We can see her mind change in the script and manner in which she expresses herself.

Literary Grammar Changes with Visual Grammar Changes

The Script holds instruction keys to Sync and Prompt the Cameraman change in style and phrasing.  This is a film in gear, in which the total experience modifies with characters internal change. Everything comes from the Heart of the character. But it is not hard to follow.

Script Notations

Scrpt notations will direct Camera to the field camera changes, for dailies and keeping the crew and cast in the loop of the changing scapes, but the script will also notate what is shot and what will be extended in VFX.