Gulag Barashevo (2015) has been completed. Funds are still needed to Advertizing, Publicity, Film Festival entry fees. Any amount is welcome to make sure the world knows about this important Human Rights film.


PLEASE DONATE. Funds are needed to build a small Gulag camp set. Depending on success of crowdfunding, land and permanent set will be maintained for a series of feature films and a ongoing, yearly, television series of Gulag Barashevo. Bringing the intense drama of Gulag life to the screens on a perpetual, permanent basis.




GULAG BARASHEVO Set Construction with Legend 1

GULAG BARASHEVO Set Consttruction Main Gate and Barracks 2


GULAG BARASHEVO Set Construction_Main_Gate_1

GULAG BARASHEVO Set Construction Inside Barrack 1



Set construction 3D animation of Gulag camp.




Support this movie. It is the story of the greatest genocide in human history, the Marxist USSR genocide of over 50 million innocent people. people who simply wanted to say and think what they felt, as human beings.


Donation Methods


Every dollar we get will be put into building the sets, paying the actors and extras, and renting the best film gear.


GULAG BARASHEVO is  110 minutes that will change the world. A solid, powerful film that people will recommend to their friends because it is so real and emotionally moving.

  • Return on Investment: Feature film produced from  2 sets, two locations.
  • Authenticity on Screen: Ukrainian and Russian actors, along with Americans with Russian language training, providing real accents.
  • Marketability. English language primarily with some Russian and subtitles.
  • Unique. Love among the Gulags, like Love among the Ruins, is a powerful Love story that will reach people.

All of these are main reasons why this film can and must be made. People have not seen this part of history. People have not yet experienced these emotions, from Ukrainian and Russian actors, yet, of history. If you believe in this story being told, please consider an investment to making this film and getting it distributed through iTunes and Amazon. People need to see and experience this emotion on the screen. The script was specifically written with the set and actors in mind. All of it can easily be filmed. The drama takes place on a very controllable set. There are no locations to lose. The Gulag set is the Globe theater for the writer/director.

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