Director Michael Kingsbury

Michael Kingsbury BFA Film 1998 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, has a background in fine arts, painting and sculpture with exhibitions and awards in Boston, NYC, Chicago, Denver, Aspen. He moved into photography in 1990, including photo-documentation of the last months of USSR rule in Eastern Europe in early 1991. Since 1994 he has written, produced, directed, shot and edited three 16mm sync sound films based on human dramas as well as more recent digital productions since 2002.


Director Filmography

2017 Gulag Magadan(2017) feature film, 99 mins. Writer-Director.

2016 Gulag Vorkuta (2016) feature film, 97 mins. Writer-Director.

2015 Gulag Barashevo (2015) feature film, 136 mins. Writer-Director

2014 Gulag Vorkuta short, 35mm HD, 8 mins. Writer-Director.

2013 Gulag Barashevo short, 35mm HD, 13 mins. Writer-Director.

2003 R-Files  (Rulison Files), DV, 40 mins. Writer-Director.

1998 Crazy River, 16mm Color film, 90 mins. Writer-Director.

1996 Independence Pass, 16mm BW film, 10 mins. Writer-Director.

1995 Hazel’s Portfolio, 16mm BW film, 18 mins. Writer-Director.


Short Films completed to prove the concept of GULAG BARASHEVO:

GULAG BARASHEVO short film teaser. Directed by Michael Kingsbury.


GULAG VORKUTA short film teaser. Directed by Michael Kingsbury.




Set construction design work of the small Gulag camp has already been completed by the Director .

GULAG BARASHEVO Set Construction with Legend 1

GULAG BARASHEVO Set Consttruction Main Gate and Barracks 2

GULAG BARASHEVO Set Construction_Main_Gate_1GULAG BARASHEVO Set Consttruction Inside Barrack1

Set construction 3D animation of Gulag camp.


Film Clips and Promotional Art


R-FILES, DV, 21 mins. 2003. Short films about an environmental activist.

R-FILES Actor lineup-banner


CRAZY RIVER, 16mm film, Color,  sync sound, 75 min, 1998. BFA Thesis Film, SAIC. Student Academy Award screening, Midwest Region, 1998.


CRAZY RIVER 1998 violin

CRAZY RIVER 1998 holding head

CRAZY RIVER, 1998, 16mm sync film, Mac and Kilaurie.

CRAZY RIVER, 1998, 16mm sync sound film. Still blue 1

CRAZY RIVER, 1998, 16mm sync film. Kilaurie role performed.

Long awaited telecine transfer of the 16mm film will be coming soon here. An outstanding film featuring featuring twelve of the best actors Chicago had to offer.


INDEPENDENCE PASS, 16mm film, BW,  sync sound, 7 min, 1997


HAZEL’S PORTFOLIO, 16mm film, BW, sync sound, 18 min, 1996