Two Skis

A Tale of Two Skis.

Two Russian Lovers left behind two skis in their flight to Freedom in 1972. Two wooden skis, a longer male pair and a shorter female pair have a history from the Cold War. The tale behind them has never been told until this time. Two skis of Lovers. The skis belong to Vlad and Vera.

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Vlad standing with one set of skis. A Tale of Two Skis, a Tale of Two Lovers on their escape to Freedom.


Film Thesis: Love, Humanity, and Courage

The core thesis of this feature film is how a Love Story of intense human emotions lift our spirits to freedom, no matter what the barriers, even barbed wire Gulag camps. How two Individuals, bound together with Love, how their spirits and emotions allow them to have the courage to overcome any obstacle, in the face of the greatest genocide and death camps known in mankind. That it is ultimately our god-given gifts for empathy and feeling for our fellow, Love, that transform our character, and it is how much we give to overcome insurmountable odds.






A Groundbreaking Film on the World Stage

This Love Story becomes an emotional examination, from a deeply human perspective, of the institution of Marxism in the USSR and how crushing the Individual not only led to the genocide of 50 million people, but to the destruction of the State itself. Not only is this story of this specific USSR period of time, it is also true for all societies, all civilizations in history. The raw emotion of a people, a nation, torn apart, families torn apart and deported in different directions, is of such a scope and range of human emotions, that this has never before been seen on the screen.


We need your help

This is a pre-Crowdfunding launch campaign before we go live on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. We need your help to make this film about the worst genocide of the 20th Century, the Marxist USSR genocide.



About the Production

Created by film director Michael Kingsbury, who has produced and shot three 16mm films and several digital films. An award winning artist behind these films. There has been a short film, 14 mins long, shot on HD digital, by the same name, Gulag Barashevo in which investors and supporters can begin to get an idea of the types of feelings, spirit, intellectualism, in what is to become this worldwide distributed feature film.



Perks and Rewards

Perks included are T-shirts with “Gulag Barashevo, the Movie” printed on the back and front. What you will get for backing a film that the Media refuses to make, of a story that the Media refuses to acknowledge, or that downplays and ignores, that of the 50 million politically incorrect Russians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Hungarians, Germans, Czechs, Bulgarians, Polish, Mari, Mordvan, Komi, who were genocided by the Marxist USSR from 1917-1991.

GULAG prison_camp_map

Why This is So Important a Story to Tell

For twenty-five years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the secret, hidden, stories of the Gulag death camps of Marxist, Communist, USSR have remained largely untapped and unkown to most of the world, so effective has been the effort to cover up the greatest genocide of the 20th Century. In supporting this film you are supporting the preservation of a segment of history of Humanity. Something that cannot be forgotten. Tremendous emotion, love, loss, pain, suffering, was carried through by the 50 million victims of the Marxist USSR, from the years 1917 to 1991. All of this emotion, all of these human lives. Their story will be told. Their great emotions will be brought to the screen.



How the Production is Planned

All monies raised through this fundraising campaign will be spent on production. We plan to build a barracks building on a set in Los Angeles and subdivide that into rooms for the scenes. An exterior set will be built in Big Bear, California, consisting of a fence, two towers, two barracks building exteriors and a mass grave trench. Crew is estimated at 1 Director, 1 AD, 1 DP, 1 Assistant Camera, 1 Video Playback-Script Supervisor, 1 Key Grip, 2 Assistant Grips, 1 Gaffer, 2 Assistant Gaffers, 1 Sound Recordist, 1 Sound Assistant, 1 Makeup-Wardrobe, 1 Set Dresser-Construction, 3 PA. 18 crew in total.


Distribution and Exhibition

Distribution will be through movie theaters, film festivals, video on demand, online channels as well as pay downloads through Amazon and iTunes. Exhibition will be film festivals and local movie theaters.